Expanded Shell - Silver Eagle Proof (Heads)

Gimmicked coin by Unicorn Gaffed Coin ($80.00)

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The new Unicorn coins are handcrafted by Pablo Rivera the magician, in search of quality both in their aspect and in their precision. Their size and weight have been carefully studied so that manipulation is perfect. Every coin's surface is exquisitely polished and their shine is incredible, which makes them very visible even in stand-up magic.

One of the characteristics of the new Unicorn coins is the new manufacturing method for the expanded shell, which is so precise and it covers the coin so well you won't even be able to see it from just a few centimetres away.
Another great characteristic of the new Unicorn coins is that they are compatible among themselves.

As they are all the same size you can combine the expanded silver shell with the copper or golden coins and vice versa; thanks to their total compatibility they are the most versatile coins on the market. A set of coins designed for the professional magician that contains everything you need to perform any kind of magic routine. Every shell is provided with a self-adhesive piece of felt to soundproof it.

The future of coin magic!!!

Clean with a cotton cloth and alcohol. Do not use chemical products for cleaning.

Coin Details:
Expanded Unicorn silver eagle proof shell (head)

  • Compatible with all regular Unicorn coins
  • Compatible with Unicorn silver-copper coins
  • Infinite edge
  • Self-adhesive felt
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