Combo Cups & Balls (Copper)

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Accessory by Premium Magic ($50.00)

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Combo Cups & Balls (Copper) - magic

For those that like to add that little bit extra to their standard Cups and Balls routines, this copper combo set includes two regular cups and one gimmicked.

Perfectly able to be used for a standard routine, the gimmicked cup, (commonly referred to as a Chop Cup), has a magnet inside and when a magnetic ball is used, the ball will stick inside to the top until the cup is set down with a little bump to the table, which releases the ball. Used to show no ball beneath the cup, with a magical appearance of the ball at will when the cup is lifted after the 'bump'.

Package includes:

  • 2 x 'regular' spun copper cups
  • 1 x 'gimmicked' spun copper cup (Chop Cup)
  • 4 x red crochet knit balls


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