Super Real Latex Lemon

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Super Real Latex Lemon - magic

The ultimate fake lemon available on the market - looks just like the real thing from a distance and even up close!

We're thrilled to be able to offer you this incredibly realistic looking fake lemon. Compresses into a very small space and can even be made totally flat - always holding its shape when uncompressed.

With many other versions available on the market, this version is one of the very best. The look, compression and spring back into perfect condition are second to none.

The possibilities are endless with the fake lemon, allowing both magical effects and gags. For example, you can perform the vanishing lemon by placing it into a paper bag and then crushing it. You can use it for the well known 'Orange, Lemon, Egg & Canary' trick, as well as many other effects.

Top tip: check out 'Watch the lemon' from the Tarbell Course in Magic - Volume 5, page 75 - a wonderful parlour trick by Bert Douglas.


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