AmazeBox Kraft

Trick by Mark Shortland
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AmazeBox Kraft

59.95 usd

Trick by Mark Shortland ($59.95)

In stock. Order in the next 17 hours, 13 minutes and it will go out today!
AmazeBox Kraft - magic

The Amazebox and Amazebox Black remain Vanishing Inc's best sellers of ALL TIME. Now this critically-praised, best-selling trick just got three notches BETTER.

Introducing the Amazebox Kraft by Mark Shortland - a collaboration with our friends at Theory 11. This tool is the finest stage switching device ever manufactured, and is now in kraft cardboard. By camouflaging the same ingenious Amazebox design with a standard, cardboard-brown box, the prop doesn't feel like a prop at all--it's just a simple box that your spectators drop their ideas into. If only they knew...

The Amazebox Kraft allows you to switch up to 200 small, folded pieces of paper (or playing cards) for your own pre-written papers...without EVER touching the box. For example, during your intermission you can invite everyone at your show to think of their favorite film, write it down, and drop it into the "simple" cardboard box onstage. YOU NEVER GO NEAR IT. When you return to the stage, you can invite any spectator onstage to open the box, reach inside, and pull out any paper at random. Voila! You've just executed the cleanest, most direct force we've ever encountered, all thanks to the Amazebox Kraft!

There are THREE notable design improvements to get excited about:

  • It packs smaller than previous models, and still packs totally flat.
  • There are now metal reinforcements and a magnetic locking system, making assembly at your gig a four-second process.
  • Stronger materials. This cardboard is long-lasting and durable.
There is also a completely new instruction video detailing several new handling ideas and suggestions from the thousands of happy users around the world.If you already have an Amazebox you know the POWER of this prop, and you can see the advantages of Amazebox Kraft. If you've never experimented with Amazebox before, Amazebox Kraft is PERFECT entry model to add to your next parlor or stage performance.

Customer reviews for AmazeBox Kraft

Ken Robshaw

Really great forcing device. Very unsuspicious (if that's a word!).
Super simple (I love easy and simple). So I love this.


michael hammer

I bought the first Amaze box when it came out and that was a great product. This one is made even better and looks innocent. Two thumbs up.