Anytime Anywhere Cups & Balls

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DVD by Brian Watson ($55.00)

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Anytime Anywhere Cups & Balls - magic

Brian Watson's Anytime, Anywhere Cups & Balls solves every problem that previously stopped you from performing this classic of magic!

No Set Up, No Pockets, No Body Loads... NO PROBLEM!

After 15 years of refinement, tweaking and honing the Cups and Ball is now... finally... PRACTICAL!

  • No Set Up
  • Nothing Carried on the body or in the pockets
  • No pockets used before, during or after
  • No body loads
  • No clothing restrictions
  • Instantly ready to go at anytime
  • All you need is a table
  • The worlds cleanest 0 3 0 sequence
  • New universal sleight
  • New no sleight 3 ball appearance


Customer reviews for Anytime Anywhere Cups & Balls

Official review from MAGIC Magazine

From the July 2015 MAGIC Magazine. Reviewed by John Wilson

Magicians who are looking specifically for a coatless, wandless Cups & Balls routine need look no further. Those looking for a comprehensive study of this effect, or for a completely impromptu routine, might have better luck elsewhere.