Appearing Billiard Stick

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Trick by Tora Magic ($59.95)

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Appearing Billiard Stick - magic

This high quality production item from Tora Magic is ideal for either a themed act or simply as a shocking moment in your show. The telescoping prop begins a little larger than a foot in length, and telescopes to a huge, full-size pool cue. The ideal use for this prop would be as a final production after a billiard ball manipulation routine. The cue is made of high quality materials and will last a lifetime.

Billiard Stick size: 34.5 cm compacted, and fully extended it is an amazing 148 cm.


Customer reviews for Appearing Billiard Stick

Mickey Rowe

Easy to use and looks great. Different and more simple and fool proof gimmick than Appearing canes. I had a big issue with how mine was delivered and George and the Vanishing Inc team resolved it a mailed a new one out quickly and without hassle.