Cardiographic LITE

Trick by Martin Lewis ($69.95)

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The classic effect has now gotten smaller and more portable, but still packs its very sizeable punch for audiences. Welcome to Cardiographic LITE.

Imagine a spectator picks a card. The performer says the chosen card is drawn on the pad, but nothing is there but an open card box. Now the magic and audience surprise happen as a card starts rising from the the picture! Then the picture is torn and handed out as a souvenir!

Cardiographic LITE is so good, it has been used in the shows of David Copperfield and on America's Got Talent for a golden buzzer. Buy yours today!

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Customer reviews for Cardiographic LITE

James Ward

I have the original and I must say this new version is hands down better (at least for me) My hands shake a lot due to injury so trying to draw a line is impossible this just takes a ton of the work out makes for a right to the heart of it trick. Way easier to carry and the pad looks like its full of paper instead of just a sheet or two. Totally worth getting.