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Exquisite Floating Wine Glass

Trick by Michael Ammar and Dirk Losander
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Exquisite Floating Wine Glass

85.00 usd

Trick by Michael Ammar and Dirk Losander ($85.00)

Out of stock. Email me when new stock arrives.
Exquisite Floating Wine Glass - magic

Exquisite is the most amazing and most practical levitation of a large object we've ever seen!

Imagine borrowing any type of wine or drinking glass (even a FULL glass) and covering it with a borrowed, ungimmicked cloth napkin or bandana, and the glass begins to float in an incredibly magical way. While it is floating, your spectator is able to hold the napkin along with you as it magically floats onto the spectator's hand. When the routine is over the spectator can take back their glass and cloth and everything can be examined!

This is what happens when the undisputed EXPERT on floating tables tackles a close-up levitation. You get a GORGEOUS floating glass. If you have experience operating a zombie gimmick, then you will understand the basic method. But the attachment to a BORROWED glass is ingenious, and this is destined to become a modern classic.

This is truly the most real world levitation that you can perform!

Exquisite has been in secret development for several years. Three prior versions were almost good enough, but after 3 years of development on this 4th generation model, Dirk Losander cracked the final code for hooking and unhooking the glass (with the most simple method) by using a completely different process from all of his previous attempts.

The result is incredible. In many ways, it's like putting all the power of the Floating Table into your pocket for an impromptu performance!

  • You probably have some questions and we have the answers!
  • Yes! The glass is truly borrowed and can be levitated full or empty
  • Almost any glass will work
  • Float other objects like cell phones and sunglasses.
  • EVERYTHING is borrowed. The magician never touches the glass or the cloth before the performance
  • It is incredibly magical as the spectator can FEEL the glass land on their hand and can immediately take it away and drink from it!  


Customer reviews for Exquisite Floating Wine Glass

Quentin Green

I got an advance copy of this at Magic Live and it's amazing! Really well made and thought out! Everything you've read is true, everything is borrowed and ungimmicked. You start clean and end clean (with a little dirty work first)