Extra Credit

Trick by Joshua Jay ($25.00)

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Extra Credit - magic

A complete comedy routine that fits into your wallet…including a no-palm Card to Wallet!

From Joshua Jay: “This is the second release in my Wonder Wallet series, a collection of trick designed to fit comfortably inside your wallet. This trick is with you all the time and ready to go.

“I love the concept of performing magic that feels real, and what could be more inviting—more natural—than sharing some photos with your audience. Mixed in with the real photos you already keep in your wallet, you show “Extra Credit,” a series of new, ridiculous cards. Some of the cards are gags. Others do visual or mental magic. And at the end, a selected card jumps back inside the wallet.

“The gags included are new and fresh. They make fun with (and of) Michael Jackson, McDonalds, President Bush, and, of course, yourself! And you show a picture of your dog, who helps you find the spectator’s selected card. When you remove her card from your wallet, it’s almost completely chewed up!

“The cards included are beautiful. Like “Vegas Visit,” Ben Harris designed each one. And every card is printed on extremely thin, durable stock so the entire kit fits comfortably into one credit card slot of your wallet.

I know you have a choice when you buy your performance materials. Thanks for supporting the creators!"

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