Flip Cup

DVD by Kyle Marlett ($19.95)

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The Flip Cup Gimmick is perfect for comedy performers, children's entertainers, emcees, stage magicians, parlor, close up magicians and street magic.

The effects using the Flip Cup Gimmick is simple.

While at a diner or on a stage you are holding a cup of soda, coffee, etc., and at your command you make a straw or in some cases a spoon appear or disappear.
You are only limited to your own imagination with the Flip Cup Gimmick!

The Flip Cup Gimmick...

  • Takes up very little space
  • Easy to Perform
  • Audience tested
  • Made from durable materials
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Customer reviews for Flip Cup

Benjy Parker

I love Kyle Marlett's style and Flip Cup is great! It's a really simple and smart gimmick. Really well made and self working! It can be put in pretty much any cup with just seconds of prep!


Utah Patel

This is so fun! I love it because it's so surprising! Just comes out of nowhere!