Floating Rose

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DVD by Kevin James ($50.00)

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Floating Rose - magic

Kevin James is an amazing creator of stage magic and illusions who regularly performs in Las Vegas. This trick is one of the smallest items in his theater show, yet always gets the biggest reaction.

Kevin invites a lady from the audience. He then crumples a paper napkin into a little ball and slowly and gently, it begins to dance on his hand. Kevin then transfers his power to the spectator and she is able to command the ball to dance.

Kevin then opens the napkin and folds it into a paper rose. The rose then magically stands up on Kevin's open hand, before floating between him and the lady. Finally, in a flash, the napkin rose visibly changes into a real rose, which Kevin hands to the participant.

It's the kind of pack-small trick that every stage magician should perform. It shows humility and makes every audience melt. Even David Copperfield performed it on one of his TV specials.

Running Time Approximately 155min


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