Malini Egg Bag Pro

DVD by Iñaki Zaballeta ($25.00)

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Finally! Bazar de Magia makes the absolute best supplies for classic routines, and now they are providing us with quality Malini Egg Bags. There are different styles of bags, but the "Malini" style is the one used by all the greats: Johnny Thompson, Dai Vernon, Jeff Hobson, Bob White, and even Malini himself. You should join the ranks with this high quality back.

An egg vanishes and is produced as many times as the magician wishes from an examined empty bag. Spectators can stick their hand inside the bag and not find a thing! A fabulous Bag and Egg routine, from Malini, recreated from ideas of Malini, Kaps, Ken Brook and Tamariz. You have never seen such a marvelous magic routine. When the audience sees the reactions of the spectators participating with the magician, the audience is amazed even more!

Manufactured with black high quality silk, absolutely beautiful material.

The set includes: Mailni Egg Bag, manufactured by Bazar de Magia and DVD with routine and explanations (English/Spanish) by Iñaki Zabaletta. Inaki provides a wonderful routine that you can add to your studies, or, if you've never done the trick, you can learn it completely with his teaching. 

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