Trick by Juan Mayoral
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Trick by Juan Mayoral ($499.00)

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Meteors - magic

At Blackpool 2010 our dealer stand was next to Juan Mayoral's stand. We must have saw him perform Meteors fifty times and still, we didn't have a clue how it was done! It's incredibly fooling and would be great for walkaround performers or trade show performers who perform in loud environments.

The magician produces a point of very intense light that seems to be resting on the palm of his hand. This METEOR will pass from one hand to the other in different ways, and will even pass through the hand, from the palm to the back, and finally, it will appear in the middle of the magician's forehead! The possibilities of this routine are infinite, and your hands can be seen empty at all times.

  • Can be done surrounded.
  • Can perform anytime during your act.
  • Immediately able to repeat without reset.
  • Perfect for close up, stage, or street.
  • No assistant needed... one person operation.
  • You can create your own routine.
  • No secrets moves, not misdirection need, everything looks like real magic.
  • All necessary items included.
  • Use a small regular 12 volts alkaline battery including...ready for about 15 shows.
  • This is not a short magic trick or fast trick... this is a full magic routine.
  • If you want to feel the real magic...this is your trick... METEORS.
In my opinion Juan Mayoral is one of the most creative magicians of our time. His newest creation METEORS is original, modern and very deceptive. It left me speechless when I saw it at FISM 2009. METEORS is almost too good to be sold! Topas
Juan has done it again. This effect is so magical and beautiful!!! I want one. Kevin James

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