Money Morph

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DVD by Kevin King ($29.95)

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Money Morph - magic

The hundred-dollar bill switch is one of the greatest close-up effects of all time. You turn a dollar bill into a hundred-dollar bill. But which version do you use? John Lovick wrote a book of more than a hundred versions a couple years ago. But you only need one. And if you only learn one, learn this one. What sets this apart from other versions is that one bill MORPHS into the other, slowly and magically. It appears as though the bill never goes out of your site.

We like this version best because it is fluid. It doesn’t feel like a switch or sleight-of-hand; it looks like REAL MAGIC. You  know we’re big proponents of books at Vanishing Inc, but in the case of a finessed trick like this, nothing beats the personal instruction of video. For 20 bucks you get to learn THE BEST WAY TO DO ONE OF THE STRONGEST TRICKS IN MAGIC. 

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