Multiplying Bottles (Multi)

Trick by Reg Donnelly ($599.95)

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Multiplying Bottles (Multi) - magic

A bottle and glass are covered with 2 tubes - they change places - this happens a few times, but as the performer progresses more and more bottles are removed from the tubes until 9 of them are produced.

All of the included props are expertly made and crafted and the different bottles makes the effect even more fooling than the original.

Suitable for:

  • stages
  • cruise ships
  • television
  • anywhere and everywhere you have a platform or stage to present your miracles from, your audience will be baffled when these gorgeous bottles begin to multiply in number, building to an eye popping finale which fills your entire table top.
    The unique design of a lip on each bottle, just like a real bottle. (other bottles of this kind do not have this)
    The labels are all different-( they could vary according to availability)

    Includes: 9 bottles, 2 tubes, DVD instructions with multiple presentations and tips by Paul Romhany & Reg Donnelly.

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