Muse Rope

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Good rope magic doesn't come about very often, and when this came across our desk, we took notice. A strong, simple routine!

This is amazing rope magic with maximum effect. Don't let the simplicity of methods give you the wrong impression. The routines taught are professional and can easily entertain and fool the most knowledgeable audiences. Muse Rope is magic you can do anytime, anywhere, at a moment's notice. All you need is MUSE ROPE and you're ready to perform high-impact Rope and ring, rope and nut and jumping knot routines.

  • Easy to do (no sleight of hand required)
  • Totally self-contained (custom hand made gimmick)
  • Instant reset (in front of your audience during the routine)
    Multiple routine ideas (fully detailed online instructions)
  • Can be performed totally surrounded (gimmick invisible even at close range)
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Customer reviews for Muse Rope

William Francis

Great effect with low quality gimmick. The first I ordered broke within 5 minutes of practicing. The folks at Vanishing Inc were super nice and sent me a replacement. However to my disappointment I opened the packaging to find this one damaged before I ever even got to try it. Too expensive not to be quality props.