No More Robberies

Trick by Henry Evans ($30.00)

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No More Robberies is a wonderful creation from the mind of Henry Evans, perfect for walk-around and mix-and-mingle magic and based around the concept of pick pocketing.

You have your spectator choose a card from a face up deck as you spread the cards. You then place a small sticker on the face of the chosen card and ask your spectator to sign or initial on the sticker. Very opening and cleanly you place the signed card into the spectator's jacket pocket. In the guise of explaining how a thief may pick a pocket, you slowly remove the card from the spectator's pocket and slide it into your own.

However, when you reach back into your own pocket, it is now empty as you turn your pocket out. You ask your spectator to check their pocket and to their surprise, the signed card has travelled back safe and sound.

  • Easy to perform
  • Comes with special deck and prop
  • Available in red or blue

With your purchase you receive the required special deck, some stickers, a special prop to use inside the pocket and a DVD with full explanations on how to perform this wonderful effect.

Please note: Available in red and blue backs. Please select when adding to cart.

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