No Tear

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No Tear - magic

There’s a lot of talk about torn and restored newspapers these days; it seems this trick is making a comeback—and with good reason, it’s visual, plays big, and gets an undeniably strong reaction. The big problem with the trick is that it’s an ENORMOUS hassle to set up. The Gene Anderson version (regarded for years as the best) looks great, but takes FIFTEEN minutes, glue, tape, duplicate papers, and more to prepare.

“No Tear” is arguably the best version, if only for how PRACTICAL it is. Imagine: you begin with TORN pieces, which you clearly display and can even hand out. You collect all the torn pieces and…a moment later, the paper is perfectly restored. Best of all…you NEVER have to prepare anything. The prop you get IS the paper tear, and you can use it over and over. The system used to switch the pieces is amazing and completely easy to do. You simply won’t find a better STAND-UP magic trick at this pric

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Walter Webb

Holy Criminey! (That's Mormon slang for My God!) Where has this routine bveen hiding from me these last few years? For decades I've been searching for a torn and restored newspaper routine that would approximate the look of the Gene Anderson routine but without 20 minutes of preparation. Believe me, Tony Stevens' routine is it. No matter that the pieces are torn in advance of performing. Stevens has already done this for you. What's more, you get gags that make reading the pieces to the audience a highlight of the routine. Rush in your order now!