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At Vanishing Inc. we are on a special quest to find great magic suitable for large audiences. The best parlor magic involves the audience, and it packs flat for easy travel. We love magic on stage that resets easily, and can be seen by even large crowds.

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Billy Benbow's Best Book
Billy Benbow's Best
Book by Bill Lainsbury - $5.00

Not many books contain material that is for family-friendly audiences, but Billy Benbow's Best does just that! This volume is full of comedy, effects, and routines that any worker can use for stand-up or stage. Get yours now before it's gone! Includes: - The Benbo Treasure Chest - The Chinese...

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Silk to Egg PRO Trick
Silk to Egg PRO
Trick by Joao Miranda - $59.95

The classic Silk to Egg has just been upgraded for the modern stage by João Miranda! Welcome to Silk to Egg Pro, which contains a voice-over, professionally translated into English, Chinese, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, French, Russian and Spanish, to guide the performer...

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Dove Pan Botanica Trick
Dove Pan Botanica
Trick by The Essel Magic - $24.95

No one says you have to produce a dove from a dove pan. The possibilities are really limited by your imagination. In that vein, why not produce a bouquet to brighten up a routine?

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Vanishing & Appearing Necklace Trick
Vanishing & Appearing Necklace
Trick by The Essel Magic - $39.95

An incredible translocation that is incredibly easy to do! A necklace is removed from a display stand and placed in a mesh bag. However, when the stand is covered with a silk and the bag close in your hand, the opened hand has no necklace and the necklace appears underneath the silk! ...

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Standing Up on Stage Volume 2 Personality Pieces DVD
Standing Up on Stage Volume 2 Personality Pieces
DVD by Alexander Illusions LLC - $49.95

It's time to get your act together, and Scott Alexander is here to show you how! In his new DVD series, Scott gives you the secrets for putting together your own show.  Volume 2 concentrates on the developing your onstage character. It includes tips on identifying your character to the...

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Audience Tested Originalities Book
Audience Tested Originalities
Book by Graham Reed - $14.95

Whether you close-up or stage work, Audience Tested Originalities, by Graham Reed, has something for you! Graham teaches you his worked-through and tested material, concentrating on mentalism. Topics include Coin Through Table, Mentalism with ESP Cards, Lock and Keys effects, and LOTS more. Very...

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Cardiographic LITE BLACK CARD Trick
Cardiographic LITE BLACK CARD
Trick by Martin Lewis - $69.95

The classic effect has now gotten smaller and more portable, but still packs its very sizeable punch for audiences. Welcome to Cardiographic LITE. Imagine a spectator picks a card. The performer says the chosen card is drawn on the pad, but nothing is there but an open card box. Now...

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Powerful Visual Magic DVD
Powerful Visual Magic
DVD by Tony Clark - $24.95

If you want powerful routines that are easy to learn, then Tony Clark has 11 of them for you! In Powerful Visual Magic, Tony gives you the low-down on some of his most favorite and amazing routines with easy and intricate instructions. You'll look like an expert before you know it! ...

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Two in the Hand and One in the Pocket Book
Two in the Hand and One in the Pocket
Book by Lewis Ganson - $9.95

Whether you work with sponge balls, coins, rings, etc., if you are employing an extra item to get one-ahead, then you need this text! Two in the Hand and One in the Pocket gives you the low-down on routines where two objects in the hand and one in the pocket turn into three objects in the hand....

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Polished Presentations Book
Polished Presentations
Book by Johnny Cooper - $5.00

If you are looking for a text with a collection of classics for stand-up and close-up, then look no further than Polished Presentations by Johnny Cooper. Johnny takes you through his presentations for classics using balloons, cups and balls, ring and rope, vanishing cane, cards, and much more! ...

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21st Century Canasta Book
21st Century Canasta
Book by Mark Elsdon - $27.95

Inspired by Chan Canasta, so you know it's good. But when spectators lose their minds, you'll know it's great! 21st Century Canasta is the product of Mark Elsdon, and you probably won't believe it can be done until you read this book! A spectator shuffles a deck (even their own!) and turns over...

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P&L Copper 6 Shot Lota Trick
P&L Copper 6 Shot Lota
Trick by Zanadu - $49.95

It's a lota fun and a lota magic in a little package. It's the 6 Shot Lota! This may be a smaller version, but that's doesn't make it any less magical. The Copper 6 Shot Lota is built to last and to entertain for years to come. You can pour yourself a drink from this lovely apparatus, upending it...

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Cane to Umbrella Rainbow Trick
Cane to Umbrella Rainbow
Trick by Mr. Magic - $79.95

There's nothing like a startling transformation to get your audience's attention right from the beginning of the show, and Cane to Umbrella Rainbow will do just that! Imagine entering the stage with a black cane upright on a stand with a silk tied to the top. Yet by removing the silk, the cane...

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Bill West's Routines in Rhyme Book
Bill West's Routines in Rhyme
Book by Bill West - $5.00

Bill West could take classic effects and structure them so they were easy to perform and worked for a variety of audiences. In fact, it's a perfect textbook for learning how to take your own routines and make them more appealing and entertaining. In this booklet, Bill West's Routines in Rhyme,...

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Refill Cards for Astor Mental Trick
Refill Cards for Astor Mental
Trick by Astor Magic Bt - $40.00

If you've performed Astor Mental, you know the power of the effect and the great reactions from the audience. If not, you are missing out. But if those cards are wearing out, now you can buy refill cards - 5 red-backed cards and 5 blue-backed cards - for the stage version of Astor Mental. ...

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Airborne Free Fall Trick
Airborne Free Fall
Trick by G Sparks Magic - $19.99

Nothing quite gets their attention like Airborne, and now you can get those eye-popping audience reactions with Airborne Free Fall. You get a custom glass that makes the magic happen as well the gravity fed apparatus so you can use whatever bottle and liquid you desire. Online instruction...

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Crazy Halloween Trick
Crazy Halloween
Trick by Ra Magic Shop and Julio Abreu - $39.95

Need a great stage effect with loads of audience participation? Then Crazy Halloween is here to fill that void. You show a zombie hand that points left, right, up and down as you flip over a large card. Yet something goes wrong and the direction begin showing up out of order. Kids will scream and...

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90ft Mouth Coil (Halloween) Trick
90ft Mouth Coil (Halloween)
Trick by Ra El Mago - $10.95

Why do kids and magicians love mouth coils? Probably because they are unexpected and get a great reaction! This mouth coil is an impressive 90 feet long. That's right, 90 feet. That's the distance from 3rd base to home plate in baseball, and this mouth coil will get you there. In addition, these...

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Electric Deck Deluxe Accessory
Electric Deck Deluxe
Accessory by The Essel Magic - $5.95

Once used by Hofzinser, this special type of deck allows incredible feats of cardistry and flourishes not possible with other decks. Get yours today and explore the elegant possibilities!

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Coin Vanishing Stand Trick
Coin Vanishing Stand
Trick by The Essel Magic - $14.95

Coins disappear from the top of this stand, yet the open front "proves" they didn't just fall underneath the stand. Great for a variety of routines.

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