Powerful Visual Magic

DVD by Tony Clark ($24.95)

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If you want powerful routines that are easy to learn, then Tony Clark has 11 of them for you! In Powerful Visual Magic, Tony gives you the low-down on some of his most favorite and amazing routines with easy and intricate instructions. You'll look like an expert before you know it!


Knife Thru Coat: Cut through a spectator's coat without damaging it! Worth the price of this entire DVD!

Three Phase Cut & Restored Rope Routine: Syldini influenced, each phase has a different restoration climax that gets stronger as the routine progresses. *Plus: A bonus alternate ending.

Silk Thru Arm: A silk goes right through a spectator's arm! Resets in no time and can be repeated immediately. Packs small and plays big!

Quarter Cocktail: In this simplified Miser's Dream, 10 quarters appear from thin air! 

Six Card Repeat: Tony's reinterpretation of the classic so it's easy to do, learn and perform.

Silks from Nowhere: Silk scarves appear at your fingertips! 

Knife Swallowing: Swallow a dinner knife anytime at any table! As bonus, you'll learn Slydini's misdirection and offbeat principles.

Matches Impossible: Put an entire box of matches right through your palm!

Flying Knots: Knots on scarves magically knot and unknot!

Karate Card Catch: A bare-handed card stab that can be done anywhere.

Homing Matches: Matches return to an empty matchbook! Can be performed anywhere.

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