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Rocco's Jumbo Link - magic

The famous 'Slydini Linking Safety Pins' are a classic piece of visual magic, and using moves originated by Slydini himself, Rocco Silano (Slydini's student) and Perry Maynard have teamed up to create a jumbo version of the classic effect.

Five and a half inch jumbo safety pins link and unlink in visual and baffling ways right in front of the spectator's eyes. Taking nothing away from the original, the larger pins allow a much clearer view of the visible linking and unlinking and are great for close-up and in parlour settings.

Your purchase includes:

  • Five and a half inch jumbo safety pins
  • A metallic drawstring carrying pouch
  • Step-by-step instructional DVD

Learn how to combine the core moves with a smooth patter and presentation to create a masterpiece of magic and follow in the footsteps of The Great Slydini with this new take on the classic effect from Rocco Silano and Perry Maynard.

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