Signature Edition Happy Birthday Card Rise

Trick by Martin Lewis ($195.00)

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Hi. I just got a fabulous video made by kids show magician Brian Scott. What an inventive guy! A few years ago, he transformed Martin Lewis’ “Cardiographic” (aka The Sketch Pad Card Rise) into the ultimate birthday party trick which doubles as a magical souvenir. How? Instead of an animation of a card rising out of a cardbox, he draws a picture of a tophat -- and a bunny slowly peeks out, holding a sign that says, Happy Birthday. That's a souvenir that the child will keep forever. Watch the video and I think you'll agree that this is the perfect kids party trick.

With your order you get.

  • The special spiral bound pad gaffed and ready to perform
  •  Gimmick in position
  •   A dozen refills      
  •  Black and red markers
  •   Written instructions

You can make additional refills yourself or purchase for just $25/dozen. When you consider that the child will probably keep this magical birthday card with your name signed on it for years, it’s a bargain.

If you’re looking for a routine that shines the light on the birthday child and will fool everyone in the room, get the Happy Birthday Card Rise. They’ll remember you forever!


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