Splash Bottle

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Trick by Damien Vappereau ($25.00)

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Splash Bottle - magic

At anytime in his performance, the magician blows up a balloon, which he freely shows to the audience from all sides. He then removes a knife, and pops the balloon, when a full bottle of champagne appears!

That's a pretty standard effect. But what you're purchasing here is the hold-out device, which holds the bottle securely in place until you're ready to produce it. The holdout can be used to produce a large variety of bottles, ranging from large champagne bottles to smaller beer or soda bottles.

Bob Read pioneered the idea many years ago. We like it a lot; Vanishing Inc co-founder Joshua Jay recently performed it on national TV.

Warning: be careful with this effect as you could accidentally slice your hand open. This happened to Vanishing Inc superstar Jon Allen recently in the middle of a tradeshow and it wasn't pretty.


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