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Sucker Punch - magic

9 Great Sneak Attacks To Daze And Amaze!

It's clear that we like Thom Peterson's magic here at Vanishing Inc. His DVD, Sucker Punch, is a great introduction to Thom's fantastic close-up and stand-up material. It's clear that he works a lot for lay people as his magic is funny, visual and very strong. Here are our highlights from this great 2-hour long DVD:

Lemonade Racket
A great stand-up piece where you produce a lemon, a full glass of lemonade, and then a bottle of hard lemonade.

Pocket Lint
Pocket lint grows into your missing sock, then out of the sock falls your missing set of keys! What will turn up next? Your ex-girlfriend?

A Hole
Four Aces jump out of a mixed up deck, then the deck rights itself into a new deck order.

E.S.P. Your Pants
A sophisticated E.S.P. card effect with a juvenile name. This piece is a great way to get multiple spectators involved in the magic.

Fortune 500
A complete routine with borrowed bills that wind up inside of a sealed fortune cookie. This is a feature of Thom's Magic Castle act.

Plus 4 other knock-out routines for close-up and stand up!

Running Time Approximately 1hr 59min

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