Super Aerial Glass

Trick by Will Golden
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Super Aerial Glass

139.95 usd

Trick by Will Golden ($139.95)

Out of stock. Email me when new stock arrives.
Super Aerial Glass - magic

It is a pleasure to present you the Super Aerial Glass, the best system of floating glass available in the market!!!

It took Wil Golden 7 years to develop this idea and finally it is back!

  • NO hook! 
  • NO weight! 
  • NO ringing bottle! 
  • NO searching for a catch! 
  • NO chugging liquid! 
  • You can even do it Blindfolded!

This is a classic effect performed by Lance Burton and other great magicians.

The magician displays a bottle and a glass. He begins to pour liquid into the glass and as it pours he simply lets go of the glass and it stays there floating in mid-air as the liquid continues to pour.

The gimmick is completely flawless and will fit any kind of bottle: champagne, wine, porto, tequila, beer, Coke, Sprite, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper and many others.

Do not confuse this with any other version. This is truly and without doubt the best system in the world!

Each item is handcrafted by Wil. The Super Aerial Glass is an incredible and very visual effect that will enhance any stage act. It comes ready to perform with a minimum of practice.

It's a perfect trick. It's very fast and very clean.Juliana Chen
Finally a perfect method for performing the Airborne Glass. I feel that Will's method will work for me 100% of the time.Rocco
This is a great idea and the best system to perform the Airborne glass on the market today.Fantasio

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Customer reviews for Super Aerial Glass

Steven Lund

It needs a short video. I broke it while practicing.
They replaced it.
I’m sure there is a right way to do it where it ends clean.
For the price I would expect a video and a 5 cent funnel.