The 52 to 1 Deck

Trick by Wayne Fox
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The 52 to 1 Deck

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Trick by Wayne Fox ($32.50)

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The 52 to 1 Deck - magic

The 52 to 1 Deck is here and ready to floor everyone, magicians and spectators alike! This is the cleanest thought-of card locator you've ever seen. Period!

Many in the magic community have been hailing the virtues of the 52 to 1 deck, and with good reason: it's incredible power and versatility. Just imagine how a perfect thought-of card routine would go: A spectator could merely think of a card and cut to it. Yet the 52 to 1 deck allows you to just that! You can also pull named cards out of a fan, identify multiple thought-of cards, and even dead cut to named cards repeatedly!

This deck is set and ready to destroy audiences to an amazing degree. They won't believe their eyes, and you won't believe the reactions. Order yours today!

Printed on Bicycle stock with Rider backs

"That is F@$%&ing amazing!"Criss Angel
"One of my favorite effects to perform. The reactions are insane!"DYNAMO
"If you are looking for a miracle that fits in your pocket, this is it!"Will Tsai
"This fooled me three times in a row. Please don't buy this. I want them all to myself."Bobby Motta
"The cleanest 'Thought of Card' routine I have ever seen!"Mark Chandaue
"So Direct and incredibly powerful!"Nicholas Einhorn
"I hate card tricks... but not any more. I now have one that I will carry with me. BRAVO BOYS! You fooled me and converted me in one cut of the deck!!"Gerry McCambridge
"Simple to perform and guaranteed to get you a great reaction."Laura London
"You've created a monster."BGT Winner Richard Jones
"The fact that I can perform a totally hands off version of the tossed-out deck really excites me. Awesome!"Chris Funk
"One of the best card effects I have EVER seen! Man, this is good!"Adam Wilber
"Wow! This is very smart thinking!"Joe Monti
"The best effect I saw at Magic Live!"Alex Pandrea
"Wow. What? I was completely fooled by 52 to 1. It made my jaw drop!"Ran Pink
"The cleanest think a card routine I have EVER seen! That is sensational!"Steve Valentine
"This is a killer thought-of card routine. So simple and so direct!" Oz Pearlman
"52 to 1! It should 52 shades of brilliant!"Wayne Dobson
"It was fun watching every magician's jaw drop, including my own."Diamond Jim Tyler
"This is smart. Really smart. A fooler that anyone can perform straight out of the box! I've had it for a week and it's already becoming a 'go-to" for me."Jonathan Levitt
"52 to 1 is KILLER! Thank you for this banger of a trick, It's now permanently in my pocket at my gigs!!"Brandon David
"This is absolutely wonderful!"Justin Flom
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Customer reviews for The 52 to 1 Deck

Richard Tuckerman

The trick is great. The video, well, it's rambling, unscripted, and free form. For example, just when you're on the verge of learning the essentials, you sit through a long, irrelevant, self-serving, anecdote about Bobby Motta! This is a drum I've been beating for a long time, but tricks with video links with rambling explanations have increasingly replaced well-thought-out directions with appropriate illustrations as the way to learn magic these days. Video has its place — the teaching of much magic could be improved with short clips to accompany written directions — but a video of over an hour that covers about two pages worth of terse explanation is lazy, sloppy, and amateurish.
As I said, the trick is great, but you will be at the mercy of Wayne Fox, and particularly David Penn for longer than might prove comfortable.
Though the demo video shows an ideal succession of outcomes, you can achieve comparable, if not identical, results with the deck as provided. I'll use this, but I'm not sitting through the video again!


Nate Strauman

The effect is a cool effect, and while the trick is clever, it allows for absolutely no examination by the spectator. With modern street audiences so skeptical and wanting to be hands on, this really makes it so I can't use this trick

Also the explanation video is over an hour long and filled with so much filler, I could barely stand it.