Dai Vernon's Tribute to Nate Leipzig

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Book by Lewis Ganson ($24.95)

Possibly discontinued.
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Dai Vernon's Tribute to Nate Leipzig - magic

Dai Vernon's Tribute to Nate Leipzig is a real classic for good reason. The magic is POWERFUL, straight forward, and direct.

What you get is some of Leipzig's best material, including card effects, coin magic, and his Stage Act! Seriously, how often do you get to sit down and learn the stage act of a master like Leipzig?

But don't hesitate as quantities are limited. Buy your today!

Included are:

12 Chapter One Nate Leipzig

22 Chapter Two Leipzig’s Card Sleights
22 Colour Change
25 Side Slip
26 Peek Control
28 The Pass
29 Double Lift

32 Chapter Three Leipzig's Stage Act—I
32 Thimble Routine

38 Chapter Four Leipzig’s Stage Act—2
38 Colour Change Routine

42 Chapter Five Leipzig's Stage Act—3
42 Slap Four Ace Routine

48 Chapter Six Leipzig's Stage Act—4
48 Card Locations

54 Chapter Seven Leipzig's Stage Act—5
54 Card Stabbing

64 Chapter Eight Leipzig's Stage Act—6
64 Twenty Card Trick

70 Chapter Nine A few grips with a Cane

76 Chapter Ten Tricks with Knots
76 Fade-a-way Knot
78 Handkerchief Off Wrist
79 Double-Triple Knot

86 Chapter Eleven Cigars from Purse

94 Chapter Twelve Tear up with a Twist

106 Chapter Thirteen Coin Quickies
106 Thumb Roll
107 Coin Roll
108 Boomerang Coin
110 Balanced Coin
111 "Right There!”
115 Slow Motion Coin Vanish
118 Coin from hand to hand
120 Coin on the Knee
121 Another Coin Vanish

124 Chapter Fourteen Coin Tricks
124 Coin in Glass
129 Copper and Siver Transposition
130 Penny Out of Glass of Beer
131 Leipzig's Pride

138 Chapter Fifteen Off the Beaten Track
138 The First Born Child
139 Creation of Life
140 Reading the Pencil
141 Cigarette Paper Prediction
243 Tumbler Vanish
145 Dice Moses
1146 Levitation Of A Cigar Or Cigarette
149 Ring On Stick
150 Vanish Of Matches
151 The Stretching Match
152 Ball Vanish

156 Chapter Sixteen Some Famous Card Tricks
156 Leipzig's Opener
157 Acrobats
160 Automatic Gambler
162 Ambitious Card Quickie
163 Mathematics
165 Leipzig's Favourite Four Ace Trick
167 The Matching-Up Trick
169 Bottom Card Change
170 Twirl Cut
171 Card Change
173 Knife Glimpse
173 Reverso

176 Chapter Seventeen Tricks With Faked Cards
176 Sympathetic Thirteen
180 Princess Card Trick
183 The Magnetised Cards

188 Chapter Eighteen Peeked At
188 Palm Up
188 Turnabout
189 Spring Card Location
189 Card Through Handkerchief
190 The Rising Card
191 Stop Trick
191 Card By Thought


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