The Pain Game

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Trick by Jon Allen ($500.00)

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The Pain Game - magic

One night in a restaurant in London, Jon Allen reached into his bag and brought out four paper bags. He showed a sharp six-inch nail and pushed through a hole in a block of wood to make it stand upright.

He placed the nail into one of the paper bags and sealed it closed. I (Andi Gladwin) then mixed up the bags so that nobody knew where the nail was hidden (and to be honest, neither did I ... I get confused easily).

I then selected a bag and Jon slammed his hand down on it. Luckily, the nail wasn't in that bag! He continued with a second and third bag, ending up complete unharmed! The final bag was then opened and the nail was revealed to be inside. Jon lived for another day.

And the interesting thing is; Jon never be able to hurt himself when he performs this trick (despite my best efforts). The Pain Game is the only absolute 100% safe way to perform a Russian Roulette routine. Forget the horror stories and videos of people stabbing themselves on nails, knives, and other sharp objects. When performingTHE PAIN GAME you will never run the risk of every doing the same thing. Why? Because the method and procedure are totally 100% safe. 

This is the EXACT routine that Jon Allen used to grip a studio audience in his terrific performaance on 'Penn & Teller: Fool US' in 2014.

It's certainly expensive, but it's incredibly fooling (I was completely fooled when Jon showed me the prototype a couple of years ago) and is precision made. We highly reccomend this.

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Benjy Parker

Pain Game is really great! Really well thought out and 100% safe! The quality of what you receive is incredible. Very much wroth the price!