The Sight Unseen Case - Generation II

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Trick by Mark Strivings ($75.00)

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The Sight Unseen Case - Generation II - magic

They said it couldn't get better, but they were wrong. Meet Sight Unseen Case, Generation II!

The original Sight Unseen Case was so powerful and versatile, it's hard to imagine it getting better, but that's exactly what happened. While still normal-enough to fly under the radar of any spectator, Generation II has to pockets added to the inside of the case (an idea of Lee Marelli). 

You can still nail or boon write, pocket write, switch billets, load billets, peek writing, double write, and so much more, just as before, but now you can show a folded piece of paper in your business card case. A spectator names a single-digit number, ESP symbols, or playing card, which they find written on the folded piece of paper.

Better yet, all this is possible right under the noses of the spectators. That's right, completely surrounded, close-up or onstage, you are completely covered without any pocket work, extra hidden indexes or nail writing. 

In addition, it still comes with the original 20-page manual included with the first Sight Unseen Case, also comes with the effects described above.

So really, what are you waiting for? If you don't own this yet, you should. Top mentalists already do. Buy yours today!

Available in black only.

" of the very few devices I carry with me everywhere I go. And it's one of the essential gimmicks I recommend to all Mentalists."Bob Cassidy
" of the top ten creations ever for the working mentalist."Docc Hilford
"...simply the best. It has been with me on a daily basis. It has never left my side and never will."Garrett Thomas
"For walk around, there is not a more well designed tool. It is the ultimate wallet to use in combination with pocket writing."Banachek
"...a masterpiece."Marc Spelmann
"One of the most useful items in my toolkit."Eric Mead
" 'go-to' peek wallet."Jeff McBride
"... this top-quality item is something I'll use myself."Lee Earle
"Mark Strivings's Sight Unseen Case is a 'must have'."John Riggs, author, and psychic entertainer

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