The Silent Treatment

Trick by Jon Allen
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The Silent Treatment

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Trick by Jon Allen ($60.00)

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The Silent Treatment - magic

The Silent Treatment by Jon Allen is the effect that Jason Alexander performs in his Magic Castle act. 

This is one of those perfect openers. You walk onstage and say nothing. You simply open a flip book that introduces you. Through only words on the signs, you communicate with the audience in an hilarious way, and have a card thought of. The big finish? You remove the thought-of card from your mouth! 

This is not difficult at all, and sets the right tone for your stand-up show. It shows that you’re funny, that you have showmanship skills, that you will do amazing things, and that you are a different kind of magician. This prop is an investment in your show, and one of the best close-up and stand-up tricks to come along in years.

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Francis Taman

I rarely (read never) review tricks. However, I have to take the time to give a nod to Jon for an absolutely brilliant routine. I had originally picked this up to use at an event I was MCing which fell through. I had had it sitting around and I had been playing with it for a while but never really had the opportunity to use it. When my 17 year old daughter asked me to do some magic at her birthday "for old times sake", I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to try it out.
There were 20 or so 16-18 year olds - I expected a tough audience and thought this would be a good opener. The effect itself is well scripted and is not difficult to do. It does take practice, as does all magic, and there is some minor sleight of hand involved, but the whole effect is well within the reach of any beginner provided they are willing to put in the effort.
That's what made it a perfect opener. And what an opener it was. I have to say in 35 years of performing, I have not had as strong a response from an audience as I did with this effect. It played perfectly and the response to the final reveal (you can see Jon's performance on YouTube) was pandemonium. The cries of "NO WAY!" marked the shift from quiet indulgence to total buy in.
This is a strong opener.There are angles that you need to be aware of (which Jon addresses) and you can't perform surrounded. It is also not really suited for a large audience due to prop size though it could likely be adapted. But for a platform/cabaret performance (am I showing my age using those terms?) it is a solid, solid piece. This baby is staying in my act - though I am definitely going to have find a new #2 that's strong enough to follow it. Brilliant effect Jon!