Transformation Silk

DVD by Dominic Duvivier ($27.00)

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Twelve routines (plus bonuses) with cards, banknotes, ropes, wallets, mentalism... plenty of tricks that everyone can perform, even the beginners.

  • Triple Revelation by Dominique Duvivier (bonus) 
  • Connected Decks by Alexandra Duvivier 
  • Money Silk by Alexandra Duvivier 
  • Invisible Cape by Quoc Tien Tran 
  • Zebra Silk by Quoc Tien Tran 
  • Apparition of a Card on a Silk by Cedric Reimon
  • Cut and Restored Rope by Jean-Pierre Crispon 
  • Reverse by Jean-Pierre Crispon 
  • Queens Through the Table by Jean-Pierre Crispon 
  • Divination by Jean-Pierre Crispon 
  • Smiley by Philippe de Perthuis 
  • Regression by Philippe de Perthuis

Bonus: On the fly, an idea of Quoc Tien Tran

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