Vanishing Glass of Milk PRO

Trick by Bazar De Magia ($99.00)

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The audience sees a full glass of milk--and it disappears! The milk and the glass, into thin air! Curious?

This effect is designed for both children and adults, and both get a kick out of it. The performer shows a full glass of milk and then an empty tube, and places the empty tube over the milk glass. The performer then shows the tube empty and glass gone, but "accidentally" reveals that the glass didn't disappear. He tries the same effect again, but this time the glass is gone for good!

This effect has been designed from the ground up with quality materials designed to last for many performances to come. The tube and stage are made of metal, and the curtain is attached with magnets to ensure easy removal when needed.

Audiences will alternately be amused and then flabbergasted with this apparatus, so pick yours up today! Get Vanishing Glass of Milk PRO!

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