Vanishing Metal Cane (Black)

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Trick by Taiwan Ben ($45.00)

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Vanishing Metal Cane (Black) - magic

This is the best cane on the market today. Materials, craftsmanship and smooth action sets this can apart from the rest! Each cane is hand inspected before going out.

The package includes the Vanishing Cane with detailed Instructional DVD.

DVD Contents:

  • How to prepare the Vanishing Cane Methods
  • Cane to two silks
  • Cane to Jumbo silk
  • Cane to Rope
  • Cane to Cards
  • Cane to Flowers
  • Cane to Confetti
  • Cane to Silk to Cane Effect(I)
  • Cane to Silk to Cane Effect(II)
  • Newspaper Vanishing Cane
  • Comedy Swallow Cane
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