Vision Supreme

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Trick by Pieras Fitikides ($55.00)

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Vision Supreme - magic

With Vision Supreme you can make on-the-spot predictions that will appear on a LAMINATED piece of paper SEALED inside an envelope.

This is possible thanks to a special gimmick called the "GhostWriter" invented by Pieras Fitikides. Even though the prediction is laminated and it is sealed inside an envelope, you can influence the prediction at a moment's notice without opening the envelope and this can be done right under the spectator's nose. The envelope is handled and opened by the spectator. The ""GhostWriter" is the first gimmick of its kind in the history of Mentalism and it can be used in other applications such as secretly gaining or passing information from an assistant to the performer; spirit slate writing and more.

Vision Supreme comes complete with instructions and everything needed to perform it immediately.

Great for close-up, stand-up, walk-around and impromptu effects. Resets instantly.

Pieras' Vision Supreme is a tremendous contribution to Mentalism with a lot of potential. It is a breakthrough in prediction making where the prediction - any word, number, card, symbol, etc. named by a spectator - is shown printed on a laminated piece of paper, sealed inside an envelope. Vision Supreme will certainly be a mental hit. Absolutely brilliant.
- Lennart Green

Vision Supreme opens many new doors for the creative mentalist. It is practical, deceptive and makes performing sealed predictions a breeze. Two thumbs up!
- Thomas Baxter

Vision Supreme is an incredible prediction effect that completely blew my mind away. Very powerful and yet very easy to use. Thanks Pieras!
- Giacomo Bertini

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