Bill to Marker - Extra Pen

Accessory by Nicholas Einhorn and Vanishing Inc. Magic ($8.50)

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Bill to Marker - Extra Pen - magic

If you have purchased 'Bill to Marker' you might want to consider picking up a couple of extra markers. These are the exact markers that the gimmick is made to match and for each one you pick up, you will double the number of performances that you can do. Plus, you'll never have to worry about the marker running out of ink!

We have had a couple of questions about which pens to use to here is a brief Q&A...

Will people question why I am not using a Sharpie?
Definitely not! In fact, these markers are very familiar with most people. They are a go to brand in many stores.

Is this the best type of marker to use?
Absolutely. This marker was the basis for the gimmick so it is absolutely perfect.

How long does the ink last?
256 days... Just kidding but the ink will last a long time, especially if you are only using it for signature.

What color is the ink?

Here are some other things to remember: 

  • Long lasting
  • Chisel tip
  • Perfect for signing bills
  • Pocket size
  • Modern design
If you haven't seen 'Bill to Marker' make sure you check it out by clicking here

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