Chinese Coin - Dollar Size

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Chinese Coin - Dollar Size - magic

High quality imitation Chinese coins, perfect for all of your routines. Highly-polished finish with raised Chinese characters on one side and an exotic dragon on the other.

These are NOT cheaply stamped and painted washers - they're custom-made coins, crafted with the magician in mind. The same size as a US Eisenhower Dollar, these coins work well for manipulation, matrix routines, Charming Chinese Challenge, Spellbound and Three Fly - nearly any coin effect.


Customer reviews for Chinese Coin - Dollar Size

Adam Meziani

Just got these in the mail today, and I am quite pleased.

First off, the good. These are quality replica coins. The brass is shined to a brilliant gold color, and the relief is clear on both sides.

I used them primarily for spellbound, and was glad to see the contrast of gold/black against the silver of my primary coins made the changes much more visible.

As brass is less dense than silver, they will feel a little lighter at your fingertips for those moves which require momentum and heft.

As far as being "dollar sized," I should note that they are approximately half a milimeter in diameter LESS than a standard US dollar. Not the sort of thing you will notice unless you stack them right on top of each other. As a bonus, this means they fit under any shell without needing to be custom fitted.

My only complaint with them is that the edges aren't milled, and that always makes handling coins a little easier.

For the price, they are a perfect addition for a touch of elegance and to add an exotic flavor to your coin routines.