Elastic Utility Thread

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Elastic Utility Thread - magic

Constructing quality gimmicks demands quality tools. This Elastic Thread is a tough, durable, clear elastic thread that can handle almost any application. 

Each spool contains 656 feet (200 meters) of transparent, elastic thread. The thread has a high-tension strength, with a low-gloss finish that will keep your thread hidden when in use. No stripping required so you can start using it out of the box. If you are repairing a card gimmick or inventing a new trick, this is a must have accessory for your tool box.


Customer reviews for Elastic Utility Thread

Cody Cole

I bought this for my flipper coin so I would not have to take the coin apart..... It's so weak it won't feed through the coin and is next to impossible to tie tight around the coin. Better just use the rubber bands that come with the coin