Magnetic Cane Holder

Accessory by Alan Wong ($29.95)

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Magnetic Cane Holder - magic

The magnetic cane holder is a secret utility item worn as a belt clip and designed mainly for cane workers with the following features:

  • Steel spring clip securely worn on your belt under your jacket, or attach to any thin table edge or case
  • Super strong nickel cadmium magnet 30 x 40 x 4 mm
  • Fine leather protective guard and damping surface
  • Can easily hold up to four steel metal appearing canes with one clip, (commonly eight canes with two clips, one on each side)
  • And anything attracted to a magnet such as coins, bent spoons or metallic gimmicks
  • Utility magnetic holder only with no instructions

CAUTION: Don't place it near any magnetic coded credit cards or smart cards with chips because they will be damaged.

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