Paul Harris Presents Creators Kit

Accessory by Paul Harris ($19.95)

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The Creators Kit is a collection of must-have special materials for the do-it-yourself gimmick maker. It's a collection of many of the things that you might need to create (or repair) your own effects and includes magnets, threads, dental dam, wax and more. There are no instructions; it's simply a toolbox for the budding (or professional!) magic creator.

The Paul Harris Presents Creator Kit includes:

  • Ultra thin metal shim 3x3 (attracts to magnets)  2 pcs
  • 18 Neo Magnets:
    Magnet - 4 pcs 24x12.5x0.5 mm
    Magnet - 4 pcs 10x10x0.5 mm
    Magnet - 2 pcs 3x10 mm
    Magnet - 4 pcs 5 x 0.5 mm
    Magnet - 4 pcs 2x1 mm
  • Clear Plastic Acetate Sheets 3.5x2.5 2 pcs
  • Rubber Dental Dam 1 pc 0.18mm
  • Elite Elastic Thread 10 ft
  • Mohar Industrial Thread 16 ft
  • Monofilament Thread 32 ft
  • Century Magicians Wax 1pc

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