Phoenix Deck - S.U.M.

Deck of cards by Card-Shark and Roy Johnson ($29.95)

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Phoenix Deck - S.U.M. - magic

S.U.M. has nothing to do with math, the initials stand for Set Up Marked. It is the stacked, marked deck that needs no calculation or memorization whatsoever because the deck does all the work. You don't have to decipher esoteric markings or remember formulae, everything is literally spelled out for you.

  • The deck appears to be in completely random order.
  • There is absolutely no calculation or memorization required.
  • Can also be used as a normal marked deck.

These instructions contain six effects and routines using the S.U.M. Deck, although many more are possible and limited only to the imagination.

Available with red Phoenix back cards, comes in regular card case with black seal.

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Edward Draughn

This is a TOP NOTCH Deck of Cards, easy to use, and read. If you are able to do a Zarrow or my favorite false shuffle a push-through than even better. Yes a person can cut the cards and look at the face card, you see no part of the card they are just thinking about then in your best way you reveal the card. It can be used as a straight marked deck too for like "Spectator as the Mind - Reader". To me this is a bit better than the Boris Deck ).