Super Rope

Accessory by Magic Rope Company
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Super Rope

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Accessory by Magic Rope Company (From $8.00)

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Super Rope - magic
Super Rope Super Rope Super Rope Super Rope Super Rope Super Rope Super Rope Super Rope

At Vanishing Inc, we’ve seen lots of different types of ropes and we think Super Rope is the best for magicians. Why is it so Super? Here are nine reasons:

  • Vibrant Colors – This rope has a brilliant shine. Great for stage or the living room. Choose from a dozen colors, plus a Candy Cane Twist for your holiday show
  • Easy to Cut – Snippety-snip for the Cut and Restored Rope
  • Flexible – Coil it, fold it, knot it, no problem
  • Smooth – Smooth to the touch, but knots stay in place
  • Removable Core – and so easy to do to increase flexibility and decrease thickness
  • Diamond-braided – the ultimate non-fraying weave 
  • Not Cotton – Special polypropylene synthetic doesn’t fade.
  • Easy-to-seal ends – Glue, heat seal with flame, or tape
  • Made in America

Check out the video! You can choose from 25, 50 or 100-foot lengths in every color of the rainbow plus black, white, silver, gold and, for the holiday season, Candy Cane Twist. All the options are available as you check out. You'll find prices very reasonable for this high quality rope.

  • 25 ft — $8 + shipping
  • 50 ft — $12 + shipping
  • 100 ft — $18 + shipping

With every order you’ll get a PDF file that you can download which explains how to treat the ends so they don’t fray using tape, glue, or a flame to heat seal. (takes less than 30 seconds per end).

No matter what trick you perform with rope, from Professor's Nightmare, to Cut & Restored, to Ring on Rope, to an escape trick, you’ll be thrilled with the quality and brilliance of Super Rope. It'll make your rope routine...Super!


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    Mark asks: Hi Do you do super rope in red and white. Do you deliver tho the UK? Cheers Mark

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Hi. There are dozens of colours. If you press "add to cart", you will see all the options. And yes, we absolutely deliver in the UK. We have a warehouse here, although some items come in from the states in daily deliveries to make sure you get your items as fast as possible.
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Customer reviews for Super Rope


You must be kidding. Ordered the Candy Cane version to use as a Christmas version of "Fiber Optics." Received today, nothing like the description. First, it's only 1/4" (no description of thickness is listed, but looks nothing like the picture.) Secondly, diamond weave? Nope. Third, able to remove core? No way. This stuff might be good to tie around a gift box for Christmas giving, but cannot be used in any serious way for rope magic.



I too thought it would be thicker. It looks thicker in the promo video. At first I was disappointed, but after working with it for a ring and rope routine for a couple of months it has really grown me. It has no place for stage work, but might be good for parlor or walk around. I like that the ends can be sealed with a lighter. because of the texture, small knots look larger so it very visual for knot tricks. Rings slide easily. I was able to make a large knot and easily seal the ends together as a stand-alone knot to palm in my hand for a very satisfying finish to the Hunter Bow Knot effect. If this is available in thicker sizes I'd be tremendously pleased.



Super Rope is the best rope I have ever used for my ring-and-rope routine. It is super bright and holds its shape extremely well. If you remove the core then it is very pliable, while still holding its shape extremely well. I singe the ends with a flame to prevent fraying, which works much better than glue on cotton ropes.

Super Rope by Magic Rope Company