Automatic 2-Way Envelope

Book by Wayne Rogers ($35.00)

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Automatic 2-Way Envelope - magic

Richard Osterlind sums up Wayne Rogers book very accurately...

It is clearly written in a straight forward way, it is a full sized book (over 40 pages) and the illustrations and production are top notch!

The name of the book may be misleading to some. Yes, it is a 2-way prediction envelope, but you also have to realize it is also a switching and forcing envelope as well. That opens the door to a lot of great mentalism!

Wayne is a consummate professional and he thinks in practical ways. The envelopes are easy and quick to make, work flawlessly and can even be recycled.

And then comes the routines! There's dedicated material from the likes of Richard Webster, Chris Matthewson, Luca Volpe, Greg Arce and many more!

There is not a single routine that I wouldn't do in a real paying show and I mean that! I'm sure you will find something for you regardless of what your performing style is. I am honored to be associated with this book.

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