Faro Exposed

Book (pre-order - ships Oct 17) by Alfred Trumble
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Faro Exposed

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Book (pre-order - ships Oct 17) by Alfred Trumble ($50.00)

Faro Exposed - magic

Alfred Trumble's Faro Exposed is the rarest of all books dealing with the subject of advantage play. Until this reproduction, only a handful of copies were known to exist throughout the world!

It provides a candid explanation of the origin, nature, rules, and history of Faro, arguably the most popular card game of the Old West. Its text and visually stunning illustrations detail the methods (both mechanical and sleight-of-hand) by which unsuspecting “suckers” and their money could be parted.And just how extraordinary is this book? The copy deposited in the Library of Congress was destroyed in the process of converting the text to microfilm, and in the intervening years, only two other examples of the text have been located in institutions, one of which is incomplete. This re-print is your chance to own a fascinating piece of gambling history!

Hardcover. 72 pages.


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