Malini and his Magic

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Book by Dai Vernon and Lewis Ganson ($29.95)

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Malini and his Magic - magic

Now is your chance to own a piece of history in these pages carefully compiled and written by Dai Verson and Lewis Ganson on the life of Max Malini.

Malini and his Magic contains the life of magic's most extraordinary entertainers. Dai Vernon & Lewis Ganson came together to write this enticing biography and this rare book contains fully detailed explanations of Malini's magic that was performed throughout his career.

Max Malini performed privately and publicly before Kings, Queens, Heads of State as well as the rich and famous of his time - constantly in great demand. And now some of Malini's best tricks are explained, including 'Bill to Lemon', 'Egg Bag' and 'Card from Mouth', not to mention the legendary 'Coin Game'. Vanishes, billets, peek force and of course his legendary appearance of a block of ice, plus much, much more.

Foreword by Lewis Ganson

Chapter 1
Malini, The Man

Chapter 2
Malini's Full Evening Show

Chapter 3
Malini's Methods

Chapter 4
Malini at the Bar

Chapter 5
Mallini at the Dinner Table

Chapter 6
Malini and a Pack of Cards

Chapter 7
Miscellaneous Magic

Chapter 8
Malini the Promoter

Chapter 9
Edwin Dearn's Letter

Hardback book containing 107 fully illustrated pages and is not only a perfect collector's piece, but a very useful resource for any magician's library.

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