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Blue Moon Book
Blue Moon
Book by Pegani Magic and Nicolaj Christensen - $34.95

In his first book, Danish magician Nicolaj Christensen doesn't just bring seven strong effects to the table, but seven case studies for examining construction and motivation that you can apply to your own routines. But Nicolaj doesn't just give you the answers on a silver platter. He asks...

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Just Joshin' Book
Just Joshin'
Book by Josh Janousky - $24.95

Unless you’ve been living in a hole for the last three years, you will know about Josh Janousky’s visual and clever magic across social media platforms. He has created some astonishing and organic magic, and now he brings you 10 incredible workers in this handsome 34-page booklet. Get your copy...

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The Time Traveller Book
The Time Traveller
Book by Kieron Johnson - $55.00

Come see why Kieron Johnson is an up and coming name in magic circles in his new book, The Time Traveller. A 4F's member and AIMC member of The Magic Circle, Kieron has lectured and seen his magic performed around the world and consulted for TV personalities. Now he is here to give you a peek...

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Hardeen - Monarch of Manacles Book
Hardeen - Monarch of Manacles
Book by William V. Rauscher - $34.95

Houdini may have been the King of Handcuffs, but have you heard of the Monarch of Manacles?  This is the incredible and inspirational story of Hardeen, Monarch of Manacles, one of history's great escape artists. In his global travels, he escaped from handcuffs and leg irons and the darkest...

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How to Present Yourself to an Audience Book
How to Present Yourself to an Audience
Book by Quentin Reynolds - $19.95

Trying to figure out how to improve your stand-up routine but aren't sure what to do? Are your routines playing fine, but your set underwhelms? Maybe the answer is to become a better performer. Quentin Reynolds is here to give you the low-down on improving your stand-up by improving your...

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Project Alpha Mail DVD
Project Alpha Mail
DVD by Harry Robson and Matthew Wright - $24.95

Magicians and mentalists: If you've ever used gaffed or regular envelopes onstage, you need to check out Project Alpha Mail! This DVD gives you everything you need to know about using envelopes in your act, from construction to performance. Full of useful advice and tips from working pros with...

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Jabberwocky Book
Book by Tony Shiels - $29.95

We opened the vaults and found the lost writings of Tony 'Doc' Shiels. No matter if you're into mentalism, mind reading, storytelling, bizarre magick, strange, weird, or spooky magic, you have to check out Jabberwocky, The Lost Writings of Tony 'Doc' Shiels! These thirteen chapters were written...

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Handsome Jack, etc. Book
Handsome Jack, etc.
Book by John Lovick and Handsome Jack - $55.00

Forget about his incredible looks, Handsome Jack’s skill, humor, and humility, make him a great writer of magic. David Blaine Handsome Jack is two of the best magicians I know. Derek DelGaudio This book is a vault of original, powerhouse material. Michael Carbonaro Handsome Jack,...

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The Award Winning of John Cornelius Book
The Award Winning of John Cornelius
Book by John Cornelius - $45.00

The Award-Winning Magic of John Cornelius. There is no hyperbole in the title of this book, as much of the magic contained here gained its John not only accolades from his peers, but one him one of magic's highest honors-a world prize at F.I.S.M.-as well as being the only American to win the World...

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Al Koran The Unique Years Book
Al Koran The Unique Years
Book by Martin Breese - $47.00

Al Koran was best known for his mentalism, but he did so much more. In this book you will discover that as you peruse all of Al Koran's magazine articles from the Magic Wand, the Gen, the Wizard and Pentagram as well as nearly every commercial effect Al released via the Unique Magic Studio in...

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Book by Mickael Chatelain and Gi'Mick Magic - $29.95

Free choice is an illusion in their minds. Everything is under your CONTROLE! This mentalism effect is a stunner. You write 5 ESP symbols on each of five envelopes and then the spectator mixes the envelopes face down. A blank card is chosen and a symbol drawn on it. The spectator chooses which...

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B-Witcheries Book
Book by Jack Bridwell - $25.00

If you want some outside-of-the-box presentations of witches, ghosts, skeletons, etc., check out B-Witcheries by Jack Bridwell. You be treated to some bizarre routines that will get the gears turning regarding your present routines. Effects include Sounds of the Spirits, Sign of the Specter,...

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Magic Balloons Book
Magic Balloons
Book by Ken de Courcy - $20.00

Forget the balloon animals. Try actually doing magic with the balloons! Within these pages you'll find some original and imaginative routines using balloons. You'll never look at balloons the same again! Get your copy today!

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Hammanesque Book
Book by Ken de Courcy - $15.00

This is an amazing routine with a unique revelation they won't see coming! Starting with a Bro. John Hamman routine, Ken de Courcy reworked the ending to play for larger audiences. A thought-of card is written on a paper plate and covered by another. However, miraculously, the plates are...

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Feats of Memory Book
Feats of Memory
Book by Don Carroll - $35.00

This is a full memory act you can use to demonstrate outstanding mental powers! In addition, Feats of Memory brings you tips and tricks for naming days in any calendar year and remembering numbers. Few copies remain, so get yours today! Includes: Naming the Day of a Date in a Current YearNaming...

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Book by Ken de Courcy - $20.00

Looking for incredible effects that can be performed with a borrowed deck? The NOVENA ENIGMA lets you do just that for close-up or stand-up groups! From a shuffled deck, a card is selected and lost in the deck. The performer attempts to find the card, but is unable to. Finally, nine cards are...

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The Perfected Five Card Trick Book
The Perfected Five Card Trick
Book by George Blake - $20.00

This is an incredible effect with the spectator's own deck! George Blake's Perfected Five Card Trick teaches multiple variations of the enigmatic Resduk Enigma. The spectator selects five cards from his own deck. The cards are shown and the spectator picks one of the five. Then the magician...

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Bernard's Lesson on Coin Magic Book
Bernard's Lesson on Coin Magic
Book by Lewis Ganson - $10.00

If you are looking for a great coin book to supplement your knowledge, then check out Bernard's Lesson on Coin Magic. Ganson teaches everything in his usual detailed way, including vanishes, palming, sleights, and manipulation taught in detail. Treat yourself to some great coin magic and add...

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The Power of Perception Book
The Power of Perception
Book by Arthur Setterington - $50.00

The Power of Perception should be in every mentalist's library. In addition to containing routines that are compelling and entertaining to audiences, the effect construction should be studied in depth. Methods are layered in way that backtracking becomes impossible. Difficult to find but a...

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Catching a MARKED Bullet in the Teeth Book
Catching a MARKED Bullet in the Teeth
Book by Frank Sinclair - $35.00

There aren't too many books about one of the most famous and notorious magic feats of all, the bullet catch. Here Frank Sinclair gives you the low-down on Catching a MARKED Bullet in the Teeth. However, keep in mind that this is a dangerous illusion and should only be performed by experienced,...

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