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Supershells - magic

Called by one critic "The best-kept secret in magic," SUPERSHELLS details what is undoubtedly the finest presentation for the three-shell game ever published. What makes it stand out from the crowd is the killer challenge ending!

The effect is as follows: The magician hides a pea under one of three walnut shells, moves them around, and regardless of which shell the spectator chooses, he cannot find the pea. This is repeated twice under increasingly impossible conditions, and still the spectator is unable to find the pea, no matter how certain he is! Finally, the spectator covers the pea himself with a shell, then puts a flower pot saucer over the shell, and finally covers that with an inverted bowl! An empty shell is covered with a clear glass, and even though the spectator holds both the bowl and glass, the pea still jumps from one to the other!

This is beautiful magic, and features, among other things:

The Pinky Pinch - A brand new diabolical steal that fools magicians and laymen alike!

The Sidesteal Sequence - A totally new steal and load principle, and we mean new!

The Pinky Acquitment - An above-the-table acquitment that is unbelievable!

44 pages with 77 photographs.

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