The Action Cop (Limited Edition Hardback)

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Book by Thomas Baxter ($35.00)

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The Action Cop (Limited Edition Hardback) - magic

The Action Cop will change the way that you do magic with playing cards. Thomas Baxter is an absolute expert and his book is a treasure trove of tips, advice and learning.

During a recent move to a new house, the author discovered a box containing a Printer's over-run of 25 copies of the first edition of The Action Cop. This edition has been long out of print, and is much sought-after by card performers and collectors. Numbered and signed, these last 25 copies are all that's left of the first edition run.

From prolific author Thomas Baxter, The Action Cop is a 78 page hardcover book that outlines a series of revolutionary methods for secretly and invisibly removing a single card or many cards from a pack in the action of shuffling, fanning, spreading or cutting the pack. With detailed photographs and crystal-clear descriptions of the moves, an original Ed Marlo notion is taken to new and previously unexplored areas.

Zen-like simplicity, with the unflinching focus of a professionally served tennis ball!JAY SANKEY
Marlo repeatedly said: "Palming separates the men from the boys." Baxter's manual not only gives you natural ways to get in and out, he offers zippy, high-yield applications. If you could see this stuff done, you would be instantly sold. Highly recommended!JON RACHERBAUMER
Well written! I especially liked your 'Undercover Cop' and 'Fan Cop'. A pleasure to add this to my bookshelf!BILL MALONE

Pages: 78 -- 5.5" X 8" -- Hardcover - Black and White Images

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