The Importance of Wonder

Book by Ben Robinson ($19.95)

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The Importance of Wonder - magic

The Importance of Wonder is a tender meditation on the subject of wonder! Famous illusion designer Jim Steinmeyer calls wonder in his Foreword, "the only goal." In this essay, now expanded and enhanced from its original 2015 serialization in VANISH magazine, Ben Robinson puts his experience on paper.

Drawing on the work of master magicians Max Malini, Sam Sharpe, Doug Henning, Cardini, John Booth, and Harry Anderson; and film icons James Cagney and Fred Astaire, THE IMPORTANCE OF WONDER reminds us what the ancient Art of Magic has always been about - especially, in the 21st century. Whether you are a magician, puppeteer, storyteller, dancer, or corporate executive bringing products to market, the value of wonder cannot be ignored. A presenter's success depends on affecting audiences.

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David Chandler

A thought-provoking, inspiring and fascinating book. These short essays really unearth the heart of why magicians are magicians. Every magician should read this.