The Nail Writer Anthology (Revised)

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Book by Thomas Baxter ($59.95)

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The Nail Writer Anthology (Revised) - magic

The Nail Writer is, ounce-for-ounce, the most powerful tool in the mentalist's arsenal. The Nail Writer Anthology, compiled and edited by Thomas Baxter, is packed with routines, ideas and uses for this secret device. 

Many of these come from top name contributors such as Marc Salem, Barrie Richardson, James Randi, Hector Chadwick, Patrick Redford, Jim Magus, Raymond Carlyle, David Alexander, Andrew Gerard, Eric Mason, Patrick Kuffs and others. Detailed instructions for making different nail writers (boons, swami, etc.) are also provided. And the book contains the first truly comprehensive history of the nail writer. The Nail Writer Anthology is the definitive work on the nail writer, destined to become a classic in mentalism literature!

278 pages - Hardbound with dust jacket, filled with revisions, and full color photos and illustrations.

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Customer reviews for The Nail Writer Anthology (Revised)

Chris Bruce

Whether you are a seasoned pro, or just learning about this utility device, this book is the definitive standard. Within these pages is an interesting history of the writer, a bibliography, and plenty of applications from some of the top names in mentalism. This book is clear, well written, an a treasure trove of ideas!