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Threshold - magic

A breakthrough in the torn-and-restored signed card! A card is selected, signed by both spectator and magician, and the spectator himself tears off a corner. The card is then torn into pieces, face before the audience, with absolutely no double card handling. Suddenly, the signed card is restored and the corner matches exactly!

The effect introduces Gary's The Ouellet Switch, a remarkable new technique that offers myriad possibilities beyond the stunning THRESHOLD concept. Among those included:

THE INCREDIBLE VANISHING DECK - A beautiful bare-handed vanish that you will find yourself using at every opportunity!

THE CAPRICORN CARD - A spectator chooses a card and returns it to the deck, whereupon the entire deck vanishes except for the chosen card!

BRAINSTORM - A face-up card is freely chosen from a blue-backed deck (no force!). Upon turning over the card, it is seen to be the only one that is red-backed. Also, written in thick black marker are the words I KNEW YOU WOULD PICK THIS CARD!

"I can personally assure you that you will be enchanted... beautifully pure magic!" >Peter Reveen

49 pages, 83 photographs, with an introduction by Peter Reveen.

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